An audio leak of Mubarak Ardoul reveals the involvement of Lieutenant General Shams al-Din al-Kobashi in igniting the April war

Rhino: Agencies – An audio leak of a phone call to the former director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company “Mubarak Ardul” revealed that Lieutenant General “Shams al-Din al-Kobashi” is planning to thwart the framework agreement between the army, the RSF and the civilian forces in Sudan, and ignite the war of the fifteenth of April.
Ardul revealed in a phone call between him and a businessman close to the Islamic Movement called “Mohammed Osman”, that Kobashi – referred to in the call as “General” – threatened army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan – referred to in the call as “Number One” – to turn against him if he refused to go to war with the RSF, and that Burhan acquiesced to Kobashi’s threat due to his lack of options.
The leaked phone call revealed the involvement of Kobashi and leaders of the Islamic Movement in bribing the Director of General Intelligence, Ahmed Ibrahim Mufdhal, and the Director of Military Intelligence, Major General Mohamed Ali Ahmed Sabir, through a corruption deal, according to which they receive a percentage of the gold export proceeds in exchange for supporting General Kobashi and the Islamic Movement in their war against the RSF.
Ardul confirmed to his interlocutor that “the framework agreement was buried to its final resting place,” adding: “If a soldier gets hungry, he may go as far as selling his weapons, and the directors of intelligence and military intelligence must feel full, to ensure that they side with Kobashi’s plan to ignite the April war.”
Ardoul admitted his involvement in bribing the director of intelligence, saying: “I spoke with Mufaddal and evangelized him, and I agreed with him on everything.

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