Sudanese army loots citizens and rapes a displaced woman in the village of Kajik al-Arkiyin in Sennar State

EXCLUSIVE: Rhino – Citizens revealed that soldiers belonging to the army looted and raped a 25-year-old girl in the village of Kajik al-Arkiin, about 15 kilometres west of Sennar city kilometres west of Sennar city.
The incident took place about three weeks ago, when a heavily armed force attacked to loot a house and raped a displaced woman living in the house.
A resident of the village told Rhino that the villagers informed the army of the actions of their members, who apologized for what happened and assured them that it would not happen again, pledging to control their members to prevent new incidents.
A volunteer at the emergency rooms in Sennar said that the security breaches that occur by the army members and those who are mobilized and stationed in the city have become a source of anxiety for citizens.
He added: “I have ten or more friends who have been subjected to looting and theft at gunpoint, especially targeting phones.” He pointed out that cases of looting and theft of personal belongings, especially smartphones and tablets, have occurred while passing by the checkpoints guarded by members of the army and others from the Baraa bin Malik battalion of the Islamic Movement, noting that the army command receives dozens of reports of looting and theft from its personnel and battalion members on a daily basis, but to no avail.

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