Sudanese army soldiers release video of their slaughtering civilians travelling on a bus

Khartoum: Rhino – Sudanese army soldiers, accompanied by an officer, published on Sunday a video showing them slaughtering people dressed in civilian clothes after they were taken off a bus they were travelling in.

The soldiers slaughtered the civilians amid shouts of cheers and “takbeer” while brandishing knives. The video shows four slaughtered bodies, while one of the speakers in the video indicated that there are more.

The video went viral on social media on Sunday, sparking widespread condemnation among citizens and bringing to mind the incident in which the army beheaded three young men on suspicion on 28 December last year in El Obeid, who were later found to have no connection to the RSF.

The families of the victims told Al-Hadath TV that their sons were working as civilian gold prospectors and had no military activities, and that they were killed on Thursday, 28 December last year in the city of El Obeid, to which they had come from the Hamra al-Sheikh region, without even investigating them or trying to verify their story.

The RSF warned at the time of what it called “the danger of the expansion of the National Congress and the Islamic Movement’s Daesh in the country” and their control over the Sudanese army and harnessing it to serve the agenda of their organization, and called on the United Nations, the Security Council and regional and international organizations to condemn what it described as “a terrorist act against our great people”.

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