U.S. Envoy to Sudan Warns of State Collapse, Return of Islamist Extremists

Khartoum – Agencies: The U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, “Tom Prilo,” warned against the continuation of the war in Sudan, stressing that it would lead to state collapse and the return of armed Islamist extremists to the scene.

In a television interview on BBC, “Prilo” indicated that using food as a weapon in war is unacceptable, and that there are documented reports about the rise of the influence of Islamist extremists within the Sudanese army, which is a matter of concern.

“Prilo” emphasized the need to open humanitarian aid corridors and to work seriously in the coming few weeks to stop the war before the fragile situation in Sudan reaches the point of no return.

“Prilo” stressed that stopping the war is possible within one day if the generals want it, and that communication has been made with the regional powers supporting the parties to the war to stop, and that some of these powers have begun to realize that they are contributing to igniting a fire that will burn everyone

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